Business Litigation

 At Khan Law Office, our mission in Business Litigation is to provide far more than high-quality legal counsel. That is a given. What differentiates the Firm is our commitment to being a vital, compelling force in our clients’ challenges, successes and business objectives. Our clients know this, and rely on our knowledge, creativity and legal skills to trust that we will never lose sight of their best interests. Our office has developed an impressive roster of diverse business clients that have brought to the Firm a host of complex, extraordinary and groundbreaking cases.

 Examples of our diverse and highly successful business litigation experience includes the following cases: 


  • Successfully defending a medium-sized U.S. defense contractor from claims by a finance company of breach of contract. 
  • Successfully defending an medium-sized employer from employee sexual harassment and discrimination claims.
  • Successfully defending a major motion picture studio against another studio's efforts to prevent it from developing and promoting a prime time entertainment program.
  • Successfully defending a hotel chain against two separate claims for disability discrimination and racial discrimination.  After four days of trial proceedings, Mr. Khan obtained a complete release for the client for nuisance value settlements for both cases.
  • Winning an $8.8 million verdict on behalf of a corporate fiduciary against the former trustee of a private trust.  Mr. Khan also succeeded in collecting the judgment in its entirety, plus costs and attorney's fees.  
  • Winning an international arbitration award for a film distributor against a film producer.  The arbitrator also awarded Mr. Khan's client 100% of its attorney's fees and costs.
  • Successfully defending a Radio Broadcaster against claims for failure to pay overtime and failure to keep records. Mr. Khan obtained a defense verdict after a three-day trial.
  • Without litigation and solely through negotiation, Mr. Khan successfully prevented a former employee from disclosing sensitive and confidential information from a major league sports franchise and its owners.
  • Effectively unwound a film library's complex reverse merger after securing court orders that nullified key asset transfers on fraudulent conveyance grounds.
  • Successfully defending a Trustee against breach of fiduciary duty and misappropriation claims.  
  • Successfully defending judgment enforcement proceedings involving a foreign divorce and support judgment for $25 million.  Mr. Khan obtained court orders terminating collection proceedings against the client and a complete release for less than half the face value of the judgment.
  • Successfully prosecuting claims for accounting fraud and fraudulent preference against the largest dental practice management chain in the nation and its officers and directors.


There is no question that sophisticated business matters such as these require resourceful, innovative and aggressive counsel. However, our clients understand that, even under the most highly charged circumstances, our litigators remain grounded and sensitive to the dynamics at hand. One thing is clear: Our overriding concern and motivating force at all times is to achieve the maximum outcome for our business clients.

Trust Administration/Probate

 The administration component of our practice includes all aspects of probate settlement and trust administration.  Our experience and expertise allows us to handle administrations "in house," including preparation of trust accountings and review of estate tax returns.  The experience of our attorneys in this area distinguishes us from other practitioners and makes our Trust Administration Attorneys uniquely qualified to assist all of our clients' needs.  Because of our impressive track record, banks, trust companies and other fiduciaries often rely on our advice in connection with the administration of highly complex issues. 

Trust and Probate Litigation

We are highly seasoned trust and estate litigators.  We are able to handle any size litigation with any number of complexities.  We have successfully conducted trust litigation and probate related trials in the probate courts in Los Angeles County, including trials lasting 20-court days or more.  We have an excellent record in handling trust and probate matters involving beneficiary disputes, contested inheritance rights, disputed creditor claims, breaches of fiduciary duty, estate or trust property with environmental issues, will and trust contests, capacity issues, claims of undue influence, financial elder abuse, contested powers of attorney, contested accountings, fraudulent transfers, partition actions and many other areas.  We are known for being tough, fair, efficient but caring.  This has earned us the respect of clients, colleagues, opposing counsel and, most importantly, the judges before whom we appear.  In addition, our attorneys have excelled in many difficult cases where others have failed.

High net-worth individuals, families, beneficiaries and fiduciaries need sound assistance in protecting, strengthening and transferring wealth and assets from one generation to the next and protecting interests under trust or other probate instruments following death.  This is why more and more high-net worth families and respected fiduciaries rely on Khan Law Office’s Trusts and Estates lawyers to provide them with individualized guidance tailored for their unique situation. 

Because the selection of a trust and estates lawyer, for planning, litigation, administration or other needs, is one that requires confidence in the chosen professional, we encourage you to give us a call to discuss your needs.  In the alternative, you may fill out our request for information form to learn if we can be assistance to you and the unique aspects of your planning, administration or other estate related needs. 

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